Meeting & Event Design and Strategy

Meeting & Event Design and Strategy consultation will enhance your event by helping you architect your meeting from conception and through each phase of the planning process. This service will help you make the best choices for your event by translating strategy to logistics and methodically leveraging data insights.

Meeting & Event Design and Strategy services will culminate in event designs that create lasting emotional connections. Your attendees will experience engaging, entertaining and memorable insights into your brand. Your event will be carefully designed, deploying extensive event industry expertise, to highlight the value of your organization. Innovative event design methods will merge with data-driven business objectives to create experiential events that achieve the business objectives set out by your organization.

Strategic Meetings Management

Strategic Meetings Management consultancy services ensure that all stakeholders get the most out of meetings run by your organization. This benefit will help you develop strategic approaches to the implementation of program design, which ensures value and mitigates risk. Strategic Meetings Management will allow your organization to work toward an optimized program vision and analyze your meeting management needs by identifying current gaps.

Through a disciplined management approach, this service will help your organization manage all meeting-related processes, activities, standards and supplier strategies, which will you achieve your business objectives. The breadth of expertise covers workflow, sourcing, vendor selection, meeting and policy administration, financial management, attendee management and reporting and analytics.

Product & Service RFP Management

Meetings and events rely on new technology tools and meetings-related services that elevate events, improve attendee experiences and streamline planning and operations. Product RFP Management will help your organization establish and manage relationships with external vendors who offer products like event management solutions, apps, CRM’s and project management tools. Service RFP Management will work with external services like DMC’s, 3rd party meeting management companies and association management companies.

Product & Service RFP Management will handle Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) on behalf of your organization through a disciplined project management process. This service will create efficiencies and tech solutions that facilitate complex processes, in advance of your event. Product & Service RFP Management will supplement your internal resources and mitigate the complex logistics associated with events including cost negotiations, contracts, reports and data analysis. Effectively, RFP management will improve vendor relationships and drive cost savings for your organization.

Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation is one of the most critical aspects of event production architecture. Registration software, event management platforms, mobile apps, Strategic Meetings Management Software and project management tools all rely on technology implementation. Technology implementation plays a vital role in the distribution and management of meeting presentations and clarifies the myriad ways that your organization can utilize technology to deliver key information throughout events.

Technology implementation consultancy services will ensure the successful execution of software implementation plans and that any and all tech solutions are within reach during your event including executing on-site troubleshooting. Technology Implementation services will provide software application solutions and change management processes that are essential for technology management.

Resource Optimization

Resource Optimization services will provide considerable consultation and strategies for welcoming and leveraging the freelance labor market. Whether you’re currently working with full-time employees, hybrid employees or temps and freelancers, you will ascertain ways to improve future workflow. Freelancers offer specialized skillsets, fresh insights and niche expertise that provide cost effective ways to improve project-based functions.

In today’s ever-changing business world, it is vital to stay lean and agile. In collaboration with a Resource Optimization expert, you will critically analyze your current framework. Through advice and guidance, you will strategically build the infrastructure and culture that will enhance your business model moving forward.

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