Bringing it All Together Now - Cvent Connect 2019

Bringing it All Together Now - Cvent Connect 2019

I’m always interested in learning more about how innovative technology is elevating events. Soundings Connect was founded on the idea that we can reshape events through leveraging technology and strategically building the best teams possible to serve our clients.

Event management software like Cvent has made it easier to support our clients and deliver amazing attendee experiences. At Cvent Connect 2019, I was eager to attend the Leadership Summit, Leading Together, which provided insights about how to combine the analytical with the personal to lead effectively. This theme couldn’t have resonated more—Soundings Connect is all about analytics and relationships.

All of the sessions I attended at Connect provided information that is relevant to what I do every day at Soundings Connect. From learning more about marketing technology, to building an amazing community, to finding my wolfpack, I left Cvent thinking about so many aspects of our evolving industry. The outlook for increased technology implementation is greater than ever, and the emphasis on empathy and compassion will keep us grounded in the human element of our business, which drives everything we do.

Here’s a snapshot of highlights from this year’s Cvent conference.

Marketing Technology—It’s changing the way we do business.

Event software is becoming one of the most important pieces of the marketing stack. Many meeting planners will need support implementing and interacting with marketing software which helps events run smoothly. Event technology also tracks analytics and helps clients discover how to increase their ROI.

While meeting planners are busy with the logistics, there are skilled freelancers who specialize in managing marketing technology. These experts understand how to support events and utilize all of the amazing solutions companies like Cvent have to offer. Marketing specialists are becoming key players in our industry. They’re doing highly-skilled work with ever-changing technology and delivering on the demand for more data. 

Community is Key—Insights from Soul Cycle and Flywheel co-founder, Ruth Zukerman

Ruth Zukerman discussed human connection and how motherhood shaped her approach to business. As someone who loves to connect with people, Zukerman’s thoughts validated many of my own instincts about building a business based on empathy and compassion. It’s encouraging to see that the conversation about how to conduct business is expanding, and honest discussions about relationships in business need to happen more.

At Soundings Connect, we’ve built an amazing community of talented professionals and our network continues to expand. Zukerman has created an incredibly successful business by adhering to the belief that community is key. At Soundings Connect, we also recognize the power of community and the need for connection. Ruth Zukerman is leading the conversation about business in a new and exciting direction.

Abby Wambach—“If we keep playing by the old rules, we will never change the game.”

Equality, acceptance, hard work. All of the principles Abby Wambach talked about, especially hard work, left me feeling truly  motivated. The idea of “finding your wolfpack” sounds simple, but it takes effort and collaboration. Soundings Connect’s freelancer network certainly resembles a modern version the wolfpack.

We don’t expect our clients to play by the old rules. Our freelancers are embracing technology and new ways of solving old problems because that’s how our network thrives. Technology has changed the way we approach collaboration and team building. The best teams of professionals in the business work from different cities, in different time zones. Clients benefit from working with the best talent and meetings and events become more engaging and impactful. That’s what a successful wolfpack looks like in 2019.

I take advantage of any opportunity to expand my industry knowledge and professional network. I left Cvent 2019 with a healthy dose of professional insight and a good feeling about the future of Soundings Connect and with much appreciation for the amazing speakers.

Interested in being part of our “wolfpack”? Click here to leverage the Soundings Connect network.