How the "Gig Economy" Benefits the Meetings & Events Industry

How the “Gig Economy” Benefits the Meetings & Events Industry

In case you haven’t heard, the gig economy is here to stay. Small businesses and freelancers alike are reaping the benefits of a modern-day labor market that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. In a recent LinkedIn study, 70 percent of small businesses surveyed had hired freelancers in the past. Of those companies, 81 percent plan to hire freelancers again in the future.

Innovative small businesses are discovering myriad ways to leverage the freelancer talent pool. This is great news for the meetings and events industry in which seasonal peaks in business require supplemental staffing. The availability of freelancers is greater than ever, which allows small businesses to remain lean and agile while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with amazing talent.

Meetings and events industry experts understand that business ebbs and flows based on customer demand. By capitalizing on the expertise of specialized freelancers, small business owners are redefining what staffing looks like and meetings and events professionals are taking notice.

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